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TasteAdvisor helps you discover your new favourite wines, in amazing venues, all while enjoying a local wine experience that was custom-crafted for you.

We are the Okanagan-focused wine app that makes powerful, personalized recommendations that match you to wines, wineries, tasting routes, events and special deals all based on your preferences.

Maybe you want to taste award-winning Pinot Noir at wineries with a view and you’d like to bring your dog? We’ll recommend a route for that.

Have company coming to town and want to create a unique wine experience involving tastings, a winery dinner, and a concert? We have some great options.

Or maybe you’re brand new to wine and you’re not even sure where to start. We’ve got you. We’ll help you determine the sort of wines you’re most likely to prefer and show you where to find them, all without you spending tons of money on tastes you don’t like.

TasteAdvisor is launching Summer 2019 but right now we’re recruiting Tasters who want to be part of our community.

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