We make marketing tools for the alcohol industry.

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TasteAdvisor provides consumer research and marketing tools to wine, beer, and spirit producing regions so you can attract the right customers and drive stronger results.


Don’t let a lack of information keep you away from your most valuable audience.

Our syndicated consumer segmentation studies uncover the most important customers for your region and help unlock new insights into how to best reach them.

Approach your marketing with confidence, knowing that all your decisions are grounded in relevant research.

Be part of the 2023 Wine Consumer Segmentation Study — now enrolling.

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Customers are overwhelmingly choosing digital platforms when it comes to tourism. Leverage this shift with TasteAdvisor Explorer, a visitor attraction platform available as an app or on the web, designed to close the loop between consumer insight and strategic action.

Engage the right customer at the right time with a variety of marketing tools that allow you to communicate with each consumer segment in the way that works best for them. Attract more visitors and drive stronger results.


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TasteAdvisor provides marketing tools to the alcohol industry so that producers, distributors, retailers, associations and government offices have the consumer insights they need to attract customers.


2021 Travel Weekly Magellan Award
Finalist 2022 BC Hospitality and Tourism Awards