TasteAdvisor Explorer is a powerful visitor attraction platform, enabling you to engage with your consumers like never before.

TasteAdvisor Wine Explorer

TasteAdvisor Explorer is the world’s only white-labeled visitor attraction platform designed for wine regions.

TasteAdvisor Explorer is a visitor attraction platform designed to help you better engage the right customer at the right time. Available on the web or as an app, and containing exclusively your regional content, the Explorer helps users find regional products, businesses, events, and experiences that match their preferences, assists them in wayfinding through the use of an easy-to-update digital map, and allows them to create and save lists of items or routes.


Wines of British Columbia
Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association
Wines of Nova Scotia
Oklahoma Wine Trails


digital map<br />

Retire your paper map in favor of the dynamic, always current, digital map listing all your wineries and partners

Featured wines, wineries, and events<br />

Feature wines, wineries, or experiences 

Taste Test

Offer personalized wine suggestions when consumers complete the taste test, a tool that has over 91% accuracy

Direct to consumer marketing tools

Access direct-to-consumer marketing tools that increase engagement and extend your reach

Passport Program

Up-level your passport program by automatically recording visits to participating locations

Update winery profiles

Improve flexibility and accuracy by empowering wineries to manage their information in real-time

In-app email

Send emails to app users to keep them informed of events and activities in your region.


Create lists around a topic of interest and send the list to users via the in-app email

Real time reporting

Get real-time, customized reporting on campaign engagement, distribution of varietals and vintages, user demographics, and more

brand identity

Identify opportunities to better clarify your region’s brand identity

sweepstakes<br />

Increase user adoption by offering sweepstakes or contests

tourism partners<br />

Extend your brand by including your tourism partners so your consumers can experience all your region has to offer


Save time when TasteAdvisor’s dedicated data team handles twice-annual updates

“Wines of Nova Scotia implemented TasteAdvisor’s Explorer as a marketing tool that supports the farm to table agricultural & tourism industry within Nova Scotia. Importantly for our region, the platform provides an unmatched source of current, local information for visitors. Having an online resource that is constantly being improved and is dynamic enough to evolve with both environmental pressures and new marketing initiatives is a game changer for our region.

Importantly, a region like ours must be prudent with our budget and resources to ensure we are achieving our mandate. The TasteAdvisor tool was quick and easy to set up and requires limited time on an ongoing basis to manage due to the high level of support we receive from the TasteAdvisor team. Additionally, the financial model supported by TasteAdvisor has enabled us to save money in some areas, strengthen partnerships within the tourism industry, and find a model that makes sense for a region of our size.

I would strongly recommend this tool to a wine tourism destination that wants to increase tourism related visitors and traffic to the wine region year-round, without taking up valuable time and financial resources.”

Haley Brown

Executive Director, Wine Growers Nova Scotia


We offer a streamlined path to launch specifically designed to put the heavy lifting on the TasteAdvisor team and allow your team room to learn and strategize. We can have you live in just over 3 months, and we’ll be with you the whole way, before, during, and after launch.

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Need something to show your team? Just want a few more details? Download the TasteAdvisor Wine Explorer brochure.

TasteAdvisor Wine Explorer Brochure


Wines of British Columbia
Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association
Wines of Nova Scotia
Oklahoma Wine Trails
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TasteAdvisor provides marketing tools to alcohol-producing and tourism regions so that producers, distributors, retailers, associations and government offices can attract more customers and drive stronger results.

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