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Welcome to TasteAdvisor

TasteAdvisor helps you discover your new favourite wines, in amazing venues, all while enjoying a local wine experience that was custom-crafted for you.

We are the BC-focused wine app that makes powerful, personalized recommendations that match you to wines, wineries, tasting routes, and events all based on your preferences and sensory profile.

Maybe you want to taste award-winning Pinot Noir at wineries with a view and you’d like to bring your dog? We’ll recommend wineries that match.

Have company coming to town and want to create a unique wine experience involving tastings, a winery dinner, and a unique event? We have some great options.

Or maybe you’re brand new to wine and you’re not even sure where to start. We’ve got you. We’ll help you determine the sort of wines you’re most likely to prefer and show you where to find them, all without you spending tons of money on tastes you don’t like.

TasteAdvisor helps you…

Find more of what you like

  • Take our Taster Quiz to discover your personal Flavour Profile, and get recommendations on wines you’re most likely to love.
  • Stop wasting money on wines that don’t match your palate. TasteAdvisor recommends wines based on your personal Flavour Profile — even better, they’re available at local wineries so they’re easy to find!
  • Find wines, wineries, events, and experiences that match your preferences.
  • Find the wine clubs that suit you best and are loaded with the wines you like.
  • No delays! TasteAdvisor has a local focus, so all our recommendations are based on the region where you’re located. When you find the perfect match, you can experience it right away.

Make Wine tasting easier

  • Find wines, wineries, tasting routes and experiences that perfectly suit your mood.
  • Plan a tasting route around amenities. Tell us your “must haves” for a perfect, fun day and we’ll recommend the ideal match.
  • Be rewarded for your loyalty! Record your visits to your favourite local wineries and be eligible for special offers.

Stop Missing Out

  • Be the first to know about new wines and new releases.
  • Enter sweepstakes to win prizes – the more you taste, the more likely you are to win.
  • Discover wineries and experiences you didn’t know existed and now can’t wait to share with all your friends.
  • Identify which of your favourite wines are quick sellers or are only available in the winery. No more disappointment when your faves sell out!
  • Receive special deals and offers from your favourite wineries. Never miss a sale!

Remember everything; build your digital wine cellar

  • Rate and save wines, wineries, and experiences. Keep an up to date record of hits and misses in your easy-to-use personal cellar.
  • Keep detailed tasting notes – forget what the winery thinks, what do YOU think? Record the flavours you taste in each wine. You can update these as many times as you want; each tasting is time-stamped so you can see how your palate changes over time.
  • A one-tap way to keep track of all the places you’ve gone, the wines you’ve tasted, and the experiences you’ve had. Everything you’ve experienced is stored in your personal TasteAdvisor cellar.
  • Create your own collections of tasting routes, wine lists, or anything you can’t wait to do and save them to your cellar.

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