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What’s TasteAdvisor

TasteAdvisor is a mobile app and technology platform for the BC wine industry that makes powerful, personalized recommendations based on an individual’s preferences. We match people to wineries, wines, tasting routes, and events.

Our goal is to drive more people with certain preferences to your tasting room, and encourage them to try specific wines that they are primed to like. Not only do we aim to increase your sales, we help you build brand evangelists by allowing you to get to know your best customers and move them along the journey from casual taster to wine club member.

TasteAdvisor helps you…

Strengthen your brand

  • Promote the experiences and events that set you apart
  • Associate yourself with your choice of wineries by building a tasting route based on like-minded brand rather than simply geography
  • Elevate your presence and increase brand awareness by adding your profile, wines, experiences, events, and deals
  • Showcase your credibility by easily adding all your awards

Grow your audience

  • Connect with Tasters who are actively searching for what you offer.
  • Facilitate a better tasting experience for your Tasters when they arrive pre-educated and seeking specific wines.
  • Promote your events and experiences to a group who are primed to purchase.
  • More easily grow your wine club through in-app promotions.

Increase Your Revenue

  • Elevate less common varieties or products to raise awareness and increase sales
  • More easily grow your wine club through in-app promotions
  • Ensure Tasters know what products are available and where they can be found
  • Avoid disappointed Tasters and increase immediate purchasing by easily displaying which wines sell out quickly

Gain insight

  • Learn what varieties and flavours your Tasters prefer and which they don’t.
  • More accurately track how many people visited your winery and completed a tasting.
  • Determine which repeat visitors might be a good fit for the wine club.
  • Learn which common words Tasters use to describe your wine.
  • Get regionally focused ratings on your wines, organization, products and all your experiences.
  • Gain a better understanding of what types of experiences Tasters are searching for allowing you to adjust your offers.

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