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“TasteAdvisor has developed an innovative marketing tool that is helping achieve our mandate of promoting BC wine. They are disrupting the wine marketplace with a consumer-centric product that provides a personalized wine experience. This curated approach is raising awareness for over 300 wineries that are producing wine from over 80 different varietals by matching wine drinkers with a wine they will love and showing them where to buy it.

It is an essential tool for wineries because it provides a central location to communicate information about tasting rooms, wine clubs, online stores, events, and wine. TasteAdvisor has removed so many barriers for consumers looking to discover BC wine and explore wine country.

The technology was simple to white-label and integrate into our existing marketing strategy, which seamlessly extended our brand and reach. Their knowledgeable team is responsive, fun to work with, and committed to the success of the brands they are engaged with.

I would recommend any wine region explore a relationship with TasteAdvisor in order to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Kim Barnes
Marketing Director, WSET III
Wines of British Columbia

“Prince Edward County is a small wine region in Ontario with more than 40 wineries and cideries. We understood the value of an app in building awareness and driving traffic to cellar doors and online sales but, despite reviewing multiple options, including building our own, the time and cost involved was always prohibitive.

We were really excited to discover TasteAdvisor Explorer! Many apps are simply a list of wineries but the Explorer is a true marketing tool that allows us to extend our brand and those of our members as we raise awareness for the whole wine tourism region and its products. Such a flexible and in-depth platform would have cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars to build ourselves but TasteAdvisor’s licensing system makes it affordable for a small growing region like us.

Because we are a small team, we were concerned about the amount of time and effort that might be involved, but once again TasteAdvisor had our backs. The turn-key development process required very minimal time and resources from us and we are prepared to launch the app in under three months of partnership! TasteAdvisor even includes a marketing launch kit to help us get the word out early.

I would strongly recommend TasteAdvisor to any wine region looking for a reliable, innovative partner.”

Duarte Da Silva
Executive Director
Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association


“The BC wine industry is looking forward to a tool like this that not only raises the profile of BC wine, but will also connect wine drinkers with everything our community has to offer, including personalized recommendations.”

Erin Korpisto
Sales & Marketing Manager, DipWSET Candidate
Stag’s Hollow Winery

“[This is] a seriously cool app that is your go-to for all things BC Wine. I can’t wait to start using it to track all of my favourite wines and places I plan to visit.”

Lauren Selfridge
Elevated Tasting Experience Coordinator, WSET III
Dirty Laundry Vineyard

“As a small batch producer in Salmon Arm, we have really enjoyed working with TasteAdvisor. They are a small group of local entrepreneurs committed to helping wine drinkers find B.C. wine they will like, which makes them a great fit for a winery like ours that is looking to increase our brand awareness and connect with wine drinkers that will appreciate our product. There are a lot of options for where we could put our marketing dollars, so it feels great to see the benefits of working with a local small business interested in seeing our industry succeed.”

Jamie Smith
Marionette Winery

“The wine information gathered for the TasteAdvisor app is VERY detailed… we expect that this app will be the go-to wine app very soon.”

Stella Schmidt
Castoro de Oro Estate Winery


“TasteAdvisor is a great resource for our guests as it gives them confidence to try something new and explore wines that may not have as much visibility or familiarity as some of the bigger brands. Since they are more likely to enjoy the wine, this also means more repeat business and increased sales for our store. One of our core values is supporting local wineries and TasteAdvisor is equally as passionate about this and helps us in connecting our guests and wineries in our community. TasteAdvisor a great partner for our industry.”

Ali Heathcote
Management Team, Marketing & Events Director, WSET II
Public Liquor


TasteAdvisor is a technology platform designed to match consumers to the right wine based on personal taste preferences.
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