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With over 300,000 alcoholic products available in the US and Canada, consumers are overwhelmed with choice. Advice from friends, critic opinions, and popularity ratings all give guidance but none are informed by the only measure that matters: personal taste.

To make matters worse, wine culture can feel intimidating and exclusionary. Many consumers are unsure how to engage and are worried about feeling out of place, leaving them to opt out and stick with tried-and-true brands that may not be the best fit.

At TasteAdvisor, we believe that you are your own best expert.

Knowing that the perfect drink is the one you love, we set out to help consumers narrow their options, understand their preferences, and find products that are perfect for their tastebuds.

We equip consumers with the tools to find the right product at the right place at the right time. By empowering consumers to explore and feel confident, we help wine regions, wineries, and alcohol retailers to build brand awareness, encourage repeat customers, and boost their bottom line.



Common wisdom dictates that for someone to win, someone else has to lose. We reject this thinking.

We’re building a system where everyone benefits:

Consumers find the products that match their personal and individual taste preferences. They are no longer intimidated, they know what they want and are willing to explore places they haven’t been.

Wine regions boost brand awareness and support their ecosystem by making it easy and fun for consumers to find what they’ll love.

Wineries sell more wine and encourage repeat visits. They get their products in front of more consumers and build stronger brand awareness and loyalty.

Retailers make it quick and easy for consumers to find the right products. Consumers are more likely to be satisfied with their purchases and therefore become return customers.






Darcen Esau
VP of Business Development


Cheryl Molenaar
Administrative Director


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TasteAdvisor is a technology platform designed to match consumers to the right wine based on personal taste preferences.
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