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We’re building a world where everyone belongs.

TasteAdvisor is the world’s only white-labeled wine tourism marketing platform.

We support wine regions in promoting their regional wines, wineries, tourism partners, and events while also celebrating what makes them completely unique. 

TasteAdvisor team

Darcen Esau, Linsey Reimer, Alyssa Farr, Cheryl Molenaar

TasteAdvisor began in the wine region of the Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada. As wine lovers ourselves, we were well versed in the overwhelming number of available options of world class wine and the difficulty in understanding which ones were right for our personal taste preferences. 

We saw how wineries worked tirelessly to farm, create wine, market their products, and we discovered that finding sales channels is an ongoing journey in developing the “business” of wine. In addition, wineries are a key driver of tourism to the regions they operate in and this involves working cooperatively and collaboratively with other businesses, associations, activities, and stakeholders to bring economic success to the region.

Our research had shown how important it is to wine tourists to know what events and activities a region provides alongside wine touring so that they can experience a region. 

And we saw how wine tourists were trying to sift through the information from dozens of websites, recommendations from critics, or by asking for local knowledge in an effort to build the best possible experience. 

So we asked: what if it didn’t have to be that hard?

What if we could support everyone, in a way that was responsive, centralized, and easily available? 

What if we could elevate an entire industry?

What if:

  • Consumers could easily find the products that matched their personal and individual taste preferences. 
  • Wine regions could boost brand awareness and support their ecosystem by making it easy and fun for consumers to find what they’ll love, while recording detailed data to better understand the impact they are making.
  • Wineries could sell more wine and encourage repeat visits by putting the right product in front of the right consumer at the right time.
  • Tourism partners and retailers could share their organizations, activities, and events with an audience who is actively seeking them and collect actionable data on the impact they are having.

What if we could share the full story of a region?

And so, TasteAdvisor Explorer was born.

Today TasteAdvisor proudly supports regions across Canada and the USA. These regions are living proof that our philosophy works – that everyone can “win” with this technology. 

We want to help you too. If you’re interested in launching the Explorer in your wine region, let’s get started.






Darcen Esau
VP of Business Development


Cheryl Molenaar
Administrative Director



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TasteAdvisor is situated on the territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation.