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Include Tourism Partners

Although wine tourists are drawn to a region for the wine, research shows that tourist activities are important for driving visitation, highlighting what makes your region distinct, and providing memorable experiences. Include your tourism partners in TasteAdvisor Explorer and provide an unmatched source of always current, local information. Hiking trails, farmers markets, beaches, retailers, restaurants, and more can be added to custom lists, featured in To Do, and highlighted on the map.

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Management Team, Marketing & Events Director, Public Liquor, Canada

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Promote Your Entire Region

Tell the full story of your region when you include tourism partners in TasteAdvisor Explorer. Partner with organizations and activity managers to inspire consumers to stay longer, experience more of the region, and leave with incredible memories and plans to return.

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Increase Your Impact

In areas where grapes are grown, wine is a major economic driver. However, research shows that tourists are interested in including activities beyond wine touring in their vacation plans. Make it easy for tourists to explore further and stay longer when you include tourism partners in the Explorer.

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Co-Funding & Collaborations

Deepen collaborative relationships between your association and municipalities or destination marketing organizations. Co-invest in promoting regional activities, events, and amenities.

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Accurate, Real-Time Information

Keep information up-to-date with the easy to manage Admin Portal. Changes are easily made without need for specialized technical knowledge and appear in real-time, giving you a powerful tool for sharing relevant information with your consumers. Track verified visits to tourist activities to determine what else is driving tourism in your region.


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