Getting started is easy.

We offer a streamlined path to launch specifically designed to put the heavy lifting on the TasteAdvisor team and allow your team room to learn and strategize. We can have you live in just over 3 months, and we’ll be with you the whole way, before, during, and after launch.

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Discovery & Decision Making

We understand that choosing to implement new software can be daunting and require the commitment of multiple stakeholders. For that reason, we offer as much support as you need to make a decision. We can attend stakeholder meetings to answer questions, offer demonstrations of the platform and answer specific questions, or provide additional materials.

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Contract Review

Client time commitment: 1 hour

Before we begin, we review the contract in a meeting to make sure we’re on the same page, to discuss any specific details, and to address any questions or concerns you may have. The contract will then be sent to your legal team for review.

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Communication & Set-up

Client time commitment: 1-2 hours

In this week, you’ll meet your personal account manager and the team that will be helping you get your platform ready to launch. We’ll review the process and timeline and highlight where we’ll need your input. A private online location will be set up for us to share documents and information.

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Custom Branding & Content

Client time commitment: Approximately 3 days

The Explorer is designed to be branded to your region, which means we ensure it looks like your organization and contains all your regional content. During these weeks, we’ll collect the information we need to brand your Explorer. Your role will be to answer questions and provide information. TasteAdvisor will handle the implementation, building out the platform to be an extension of your organization.

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Populate the Database

Client time commitment: 2-3 hours per week

Something that makes the Explorer so different from other marketing platforms is that the Explorer is exclusive to your regional content. During these weeks, the TasteAdvisor team will be hard at work adding information on your products and businesses to the database. Your role will be to add any additional information, and answer regionally specific questions.

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WEEKS 8-11

Training Members & Partners

Client time commitment: 2-3 hours per week

We understand that new technology can be intimidating so we offer a series of training workshops to ensure your members and tourism partners learn how to use their personal management portals. Through live online workshops, we’ll walk through the management portal and answer any questions. All workshops are recorded so they can be reviewed at the most convenient time.

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Marketing & Promotion Plan

Client time commitment: 1-2 days

What good is a new and exciting launch if no one knows it’s there? TasteAdvisor builds custom App Store/Google play profiles that highlight key elements of your platform. In addition, we provide a marketing launch kit with templates for press releases and social media posts, as well as custom rack cards and postcards that are print-ready.

We don’t disappear after launch. Check out our commitment to your post launch success! >

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TasteAdvisor helps you do tourism differently. Our white-labeled marketing platform and app brings together marketing offices, tourism businesses, and visitors resulting in a frictionless experience for tourists and greater overall impact for the whole region.


TasteAdvisor is situated on the unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation.