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Measure what matters with in-depth analytics and reporting. Go beyond simple demographics; track tourist and local visits, which wineries they frequent and when, and how they rate wines, wineries, and events. Analyze the effectiveness of contests and campaigns. Simplify your workload with built-in reports for vintage and varietal distribution. TasteAdvisor team is available to help create reports for regional specific requests.

“The [TasteAdvisor Explorer] technology was simple to white-label and integrate into our existing marketing strategy, which seamlessly extended our brand and reach. Their knowledgeable team is responsive, fun to work with, and committed to the success of the brands they are engaged with.”

Kim Barnes

Marketing Director, Wines of British Columbia

Gain insight with reports
Gain Deeper Insight

Gain a deeper understanding of your wine region’s consumers with the TasteAdvisor Explorer reporting tool. Learn where your app users are from, which locations they are visiting, and what sorts of actions they are performing. Find out where they reserve tastings, how they rate wines and wineries, and what they are adding to personalized lists.

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Analyze Campaigns

Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns when you tie a campaign or a contest to a specific action. Review how many and what types of lists your users are creating. View which wines and wineries are being added to a list and which wineries are receiving reservations. Track the number of verified winery visits or how often a particular item is shared.

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Maximize Your Efforts

TasteAdvisor Explorer lightens your labor by providing data for mandatory reports. Quickly learn the distribution of varieties and vintages. Gather all winery and partner contact information in one easy to access location.

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Measure What Matters

Your partnership with TasteAdvisor means that we are constantly trying to make your job easier and more effective. We strive to accommodate custom report requests so that your reporting tool is personalized and valuable to your region.


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