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TasteAdvisor Beer Explorer is a powerful marketing platform, enabling you to engage with your consumers like never before.

TasteAdvisor Beer Explorer

TasteAdvisor Beer Explorer helps you:

Dynamic map

Highlight the closest breweries to a consumer’s location on the dynamic map by using the app’s geolocation capabilities.

Passport program Map

Up-level your passport program by automatically recording visits to participating locations.

Computer management tool

Improve flexibility and accuracy by empowering breweries to manage their information in real-time.

Tourism partners handshake

Extend your brand by including your tourism partners so your consumers can experience all your region has to offer.

App Users

Access direct-to-consumer marketing tools that increase engagement and extend your reach.

Reporting icon

Get real-time, customized reporting on campaign engagement, learn where your app users are from, where they are visiting, what actions they’re taking, and more.

Beer Consumer

Engage Consumers

Engage your local consumers and attract more interest from tourists when you offer a personalized approach to your ale trail. The Beer Explorer connects consumers to nearby breweries, automatically records their visits, and offers them a chance to explore an entire region based on the activities they enjoy most.


  • Local beer suggestions, arranged by type
  • Dynamic map showing closest breweries to current location
  • Easy trip planning with the ability to add locations and products to personalized lists
  • Easily accessible free app available for iPhone or Android

Support Breweries

Help your local breweries get more ideal customers when they create a profile in TasteAdvisor Beer Explorer. The Beer Explorer offers a central location for information on seasons and hours, beer lists, and activities and provides easy access to reservation systems and online stores. In addition, it allows breweries to respond to current events and inventory changes by making real time adjustments through their private management portal.


  • Real-time management of brewery profile by brewery staff
  • Presence on dynamic map
  • Ability to add events and experiences
  • Quick links to reservation systems and online stores
Brewer pouring beer
food truck

Include Tourism Partners

Give visitors reasons to stay longer and explore further when you include tourism partners in TasteAdvisor Beer Explorer. Provide a source of always current information on regional activities, events, and natural attractions. Increase your economic impact and deepen your collaborative relationships.


  • Real-time management of partner profile by partner staff
  • Presence on dynamic map
  • Rounds out tourism experience by sharing activities, events, and access to complementary businesses
TasteAdvisor Explorer marketing tools

Discover Marketing Features

TasteAdvisor Beer Explorer is constantly being updated to be more effective and specific to your needs. The platform is easy to use, helps up-level your current campaigns, and provides new marketing opportunities only available through the use of the Beer Explorer. Engage your consumers with enticing and novel campaigns, and gain deeper insight into market behavior.

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TasteAdvisor Explorer Reporting Tools

Access Reporting

TasteAdvisor Beer Explorer gives you measurable insights on what attractions and initiatives are interesting to beer tourists. Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns when you tie a campaign or a contest to a specific action. Access insight into consumer behavior and preferences and gain a deeper understanding of your region’s consumers.

Learn about TasteAdvisor Explorer reporting tools >

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TasteAdvisor helps you do tourism differently. Our white-labeled marketing platform and app brings together marketing offices, tourism businesses, and visitors resulting in a frictionless experience for tourists and greater overall impact for the whole region.

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