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2023 US and State-Specific Wine Consumer Segmentation Research

TasteAdvisor is conducting a nation-wide research study to better understand the attitudes and behaviors of US wine drinkers.

This research will aim to segment consumers into descriptive categories that are uniquely different from each other, thereby increasing understanding of where different personas fit within the marketplace, the size of groups relative to each other, and their impacts on a monetization scale.

In addition to the nation-wide study, TasteAdvisor is offering the opportunity to purchase a state-specific research report, identifying the customer segments within a specific state and any unique differences that may exist compared to the broader U.S population. Your report will fully describe and profile each segment on all relevant variables, and segments will be “sized” within the market. Your region will also be able to include two additional custom research questions.

As part of the research deliverables, a tool will be created so that your region can easily use it to classify other consumer groups of interest and monitor the composition of these groups.


consumer preferences

General wine and alcoholic beverage drinking habits, including preferences

drinking frequency<br />

Wine and alcoholic beverage consumption frequency


Typical wine and alcoholic beverage spend

Taste Test

Patterns between different segments and taste preferences

Awareness<br />

Awareness, perceptions, attitudes, and preferences for various alcoholic beverages

wine knowledge<br />

Wine and alcoholic beverage knowledge


Wine-buying channels

Aided awareness

Aided awareness and opinion on top brands

Purchase intent

Purchase intent and willingness-to-pay for various wine attributes


General demographics

Research Partner

To ensure a representative sample of wine drinkers across the U.S. and your region, data collection for this study will be conducted by our market research and analytics partner, Léger. This is a syndicated study, which means that the research is independently conducted, published, and sold by TasteAdvisor.

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You receive:

  • State-Specific Research Report
  • U.S. Research Report
  • Segmentation Tool
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