TasteAdvisor Explorer marketing features

Marketing Features

TasteAdvisor Explorer is a powerful marketing platform, enabling you to engage with your consumers like never before. Unlike other marketing platforms, the Explorer offers a complete suite of tools designed specifically for tourism marketers. Empower your consumers, increase your reach, and extend your brand when you implement the Explorer.

“We’ve reviewed many apps that were simply a list of wines or a basic trip planner. TasteAdvisor Explorer is a true marketing platform that helps us up-level our campaigns and extend our brand. We’re raising awareness for the whole region now and helping both locals and visitors discover all that Nova Scotia has to offer. I would highly recommend any wine region implement TasteAdvisor Explorer.”

Haley Brown

Executive Director, Wine Growers Nova Scotia

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Curated Lists

Create automatically generated lists of products or businesses that connect to your marketing campaigns. Highlight region-specific content, such as “Restaurants with a View” or “Dog-Friendly Patios”. Partner with influencers and tourism organizations to create lists that connect your content to consumer interests.

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Personalized Emails

TasteAdvisor Explorer enables you to send personalized emails to your user base. The email digest is a powerful engagement tool as it allows you to automatically send specific lists customized to support an ongoing marketing campaign. Schedule emails to send daily, weekly, or manually.

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Automated Check-ins

Up-level your passport program by automatically recording visits to participating locations. The mobile app can be set to record visits through location-services or consumers can choose to record visits manually. Visits are recorded in your analytics, giving you a real-time view of participation.

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Member & Partner Promotion

Promote businesses and partners with the Feature tool. TasteAdvisor Explorer allows for featuring products, businesses, and events on key screens. Items that are featured receive 10 times the engagement of other items in the platform. Include custom banners on the desktop to promote current marketing initiatives and ensure cohesion with your brand.

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TasteAdvisor helps you do tourism differently. Our white-labeled marketing platform and app brings together marketing offices, tourism businesses, and visitors resulting in a frictionless experience for tourists and greater overall impact for the whole region.


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