Wine shopping? There’s an app for that

August 4, 2019

TasteAdvisor App Screens

Originally published by iNWine

We are getting used to saying, “there’s an app for that!” But is there one available to help you choose local BC wine? Well yes, as of now, “there’s an app for that.”

TasteAdvisor is a free app that allows users to save and track wine they have previously tasted and enjoyed and then using that information, provide other suggestions based on that wine profile. It has been compared to Spotify in that sense. TasteAdvisor has a database of over 3,000 wines drawn from every winery in BC making this tool an amazing new tool for tourists and locals to enjoy.

“We have all experienced the frustration of buying wine that doesn’t match our palates or missing out on a phenomenal winery or local wine event because we weren’t aware of it,” Alyssa Farr, the Okanagan based founder and CEO of TasteAdvisor, said. “Our team saw an opportunity to connect individuals to wines and wine experiences, in a way that is customized to them, and centralized in one location — their mobile phone.”

This new platform also allows wine lovers to customize wine tasting routes and to build a digital wine cellar to suit their own personal taste. “TasteAdvisor helps Tasters find more of what they like, while bringing wineries and wine business operators more of the right customers. As long-time wine lovers ourselves, we have a personal interest in seeing the BC wine industry continue to grow and thrive, and it’s our hope that TasteAdvisor will play a role in supporting that goal,”  Farr said.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Visit for more information.

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TasteAdvisor provides marketing tools to alcohol-producing and tourism regions so that producers, distributors, retailers, associations and government offices can attract more customers and drive stronger results.

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